Eco friendly

Relax: This vacation is green!
Le Agavi Resort stands by our eco-friendly philosophy; not because it’s trendy, but for the love of our region, we strive to have the smallest possible footprint on a place as beautiful as Ischia, and Forio in particular. This is why we prefer solar energy, indigenous plants over exotic ones, and do not use preservatives and pesticides on our plants.
We also only use 100% organic and biodegradable detergents and soaps on our property. In your room, for example, you will find dispensers containing organic and biodegradable shampoo, soap, and body wash, without unnecessary packaging. Use what you need, without being wasteful, to respect the environment and your skin.

Mother nature is the true head of the household here in Ischia: Let yourself be welcomed. Everything is planned with the utmost respect for the nature that so graciously accommodates us. The only footprints left will be on your heart.