Today you choose: Pool, sauna or relaxation in the park
Le Agavi Resort offers a unique vacation in Ischia. It’s located far enough from the clamour of the highway, yet it’s just a few steps away from a fully equipped beach and the bus stop, which allows you to reach all the main attractions of the island.

Our resort offers an indoor and outdoor pool with solarium, Finnish saunas and Jacuzzi. Secluded rooms set in nature, silence and solitude, delicious dishes.

Nothing colossal, nothing industrial. You won’t find a classic tourist hotel with rooms stacked one on top of the other. Here there are no elevators, luggage carts, or cleaning crews running around. You can lay out on your little private terrace, protected, relaxed, in complete privacy, under shady leaves, among the aromatic herbs. “Le Agavi Resort” doesn’t offer the usual beach vacation filled with sun and spa, but an authentic regenerative treatment, tailored just for you, in one of the most beautiful corners of the world.

The sun plays peek-a-boo through the leaves, somewhere off in the distance you hear the sound of water splashing as someone dives into the pool. Forget about all the rest, today there is only you.

A park to explore, quiet rooms throughout the area, relaxation by the pool. All has been taken care of to offer you a vacation that will allow you to savour everything with all five senses, plus one: The feeling of wellness that you’ll bring home with you.