Multi-sensory Park

Touch, breath, perceive
We see the Park of “Le Agavi Resort” as much more than a location for our facility, much more than a setting. The park is a living a breathing entity, multi-sensory, real. You will not find man made paths and enclosures, or landscaped flower beds. Come in, get comfortable, take a seat, lay down. Touch the trees and the plants, sniff the scents, discover the fragrances that inspire our aromatherapy treatments: The healing lavender, the perfumed rosemary, and the other essences of the Mediterranean. At dawn and dusk relax or meditate at the foot of a tree, walk barefoot with your family through the park. We are waiting for you. A dive? A little yoga in the park? Fresh pressed vegetable juice after a sauna or a nice day trip? Make the most of the multi-sensory park of the Resort. For the curious guests, each plant has a detailed sign with specific botanical descriptions. All of the plants and trees of the park are indigenous, strong and resistant: They make up the Mediterranean flora of Ischia. And then look, up a little higher, in front of the rooms immersed in the greenery: Lemon trees, orchards with arugula, and fresh herbs to gather for your infusions. Hidden in the park is also an ancient cave made of tufa, once used by the island’s farmers to protect fruits and vegetables, to make their wine.

Perfumes, fragrances, and essences are waiting to awaken your emotions. A walk in the park is a moment just for you, a time to dedicate to your total wellbeing, and to the joy of rediscovering the pleasure of the simple things in life.